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15 February
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I am a latecomer when it comes to Supernatural. Got mildly attracted to it in 2008 because of my sister. Got stronger in 2009 until present. Loved its humor and the stories, but despaired about minute presence of colored people (American or not), women (at least, women hunters who didn't die and angels), decent gays/lesbians (no, am not one), and decent non-Christians--I mean, come on, Kripke & Writers!

I love Supernatural-based fiction. As to Wincest, I love it much. (Never expected it to happen.)

I like to write stories and would love for Supernatural fiction writers to be given a chance to expand the world of that TV series.

I am also a fan of Wentworth Miller and is a current member, under a different username, of EXCOMMUNICATED: The Iconoclastic Wentworth Miller Board. (Wouldn't it be nice to see Miller and J2 in a film or tv series?)

I am a government employee who works for UP Manila.