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On Supernatural Season 6
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Am a late-comer to SPN fandom, having only ben serious towards it in 2009. (Before that, it was just "Prison Break" for me.) 

I love the idea that there's gonna be a 6th Season. I miss the boys (both the fictional Sam and Dean and the actors who play them), their humor, their closeness.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I posted the following comment on Maureen "Mo" Ryan's THE WATCHER blog on The Chicago Tribune,

Let's talk 'Supernatural's' Friday move as the CW announces its new schedule

This comment appeared on May 26, 2010 / second page / last entry

"Thank you for the info, Mo!

I just hope that, for Season 6, the creators/writers/producers can work in more characters who aren't white, anglo-saxon looking, or just mainstream Christians. I mean, America is much more complicated and interesting than the usual secondary casts we've seen. And, please, more female hunters and try not to let the non-Christians appear evil--which means, more research! Come on, I am sure that witches who are fans of SPN were continuously disappointed when they are called followers of Satan."


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