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belated Birthday greeitngs
cute cat

Dear Nyxcity:

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  (Wow, on the 24th!)  Belated MERRY CHRISTMAS, too.

I am sorry for the lateness. After our office went on forced leave for the holidays last Dec. 21, I did not open my email anymore. I do hope your natal day was a really enjoyable one for you. Anyway, I am wishing you a lively, lovely, fruitful (financially and otherwise) 2011. Take care.



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Aw, sweetie! :) Thank you so much for even remembering! My birthday was lovely and Christmas was wonderful! *HUGS*

I hope your Christmas was just as wonderful! :)

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you. SOrry for the late reply...Pardon, perhaps you were meaning to reply to someone else? I haven't posted in the past few months. But if you were referring to my old posts--THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Take care.

Howdy! I accidentally deleted your comment on my Thanksgiving post on my blog, and it is nowhere to retrieve it! :(

If you want, I'd love for you to leave another!


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